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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: Phil E.S. Dogg in Movie Mayhem!

It's time for Beanotown's annual film festival, but the organisers need some help. Can you help Phil E.S. Dogg and Gnasher do some jobs around the cinema?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 1st 2022

As a movie buff, Phil E.S. Dogg is excited to discover he's able to attend the annual Beanotown Film Festival. It's a chance for everyone to enjoy all the latest movies and tuck in to some tasty cinema snacks. But, due to a mix-up on the cinema's staff timetable, the festival is understaffed! In return for some free tickets, can you help Phil and Gnasher save the day?

1/10 A sign for Beanotown Film Festival

Thanks for helping out! For your first job of the day, can you think of a good phrase to put on our film festival sign?

2/10 Phil E.S. Dogg and Minnie at the Beanotown Cinema box office

There's a big queue for tickets. What's the best way to greet people when they approach the box office window?


3/10 The cinema needs some posters placed around the entrance to let people know the new Bananaman movie is showing. Which is the right way up?

4/10 Phil ES Dogg and a tub of popcorn

Everyone seems to want popcorn but the machine isn't working properly. How would you fix it?

5/10 Gnasher eating a hotdog

Someone wants a hot dog but isn't sure what toppings to have. What do you recommend (by pointing at the menu)?

6/10 Phil tapping a film projector

You're now in charge of switching on the film projector, but it doesn't seem to work. What do you do?

7/10 A scene from the pretend movie, Escape From Duck Island

At the film's most important part, there seems to be a gap in the story. What do you do?


8/10 Time for a snack break in between movies. What do you suggest people have to eat?

9/10 A messy cinema

There's 10 minutes before the next movie – but the cinema is a mess. Can you clean up the rubbish in time?

10/10 Phil and Gnasher in the cinema

You've earned your free tickets! What kind of movie do you want to see?

Result: Letter to the manager


Oh dear! While everyone managed to see the films and get their snacks with Phil and Gnasher's help, some people felt two members of staff – COUGH – mucked around loads! Still, we're pretty impressed that two excited dogs tried their best, even though there was the smell of hotdogs in the air!

Result: Pretty good


The Beanotown Film Festival took place and everything went without a hitch, more or less. Plus, you got to see a film for free!

Result: Epic day out


The Beanotown Film Festival was a success and the cinema manager tells us you were a big help, so well done!

Result: Award-winning service


The Beanotown Film Festival was deemed a huge success and everyone was very impressed that Phil E.S. Dogg and Gnasher were happy to lend a helping paw. It couldn't have happened without your efforts. Well done!