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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: Summit's Up!

What sort of mountaineer do you think you'd be? Take this quiz and we'll tell you how much you'd rock!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 15th 2022

Mount Beano is one of the most famous mountains around these parts and provides a big challenge to anyone who's feeling brave enough to climb to the top. Phil E.S. Dogg and Gnasher have chosen this week to attempt some rock climbing. They've got the gear, had some lessons and are with an experienced climbing instructor to help them on their way. Do not try this yourselves! Instead, be safe and take this quiz to find out what sort of climber you'd be!

1/10 Phil and Gnasher messing about with skateboards

What are you like when it comes to heights?

2/10 A pack of sausages

What kind of food should you take with you?

3/10 Phil on a mountain peak

What sort of clothes do you wear?

4/10 Dennis climbing rocks

What should do you while your climbing instructor is speaking?

5/10 Phil E.S. Dogg looking at Mount Beano from afar

Mount Beano is quite tall. How would you go about climbing this?

6/10 A yeti on Mount Beano

Later on, you see a yeti in the distance. How do you respond?

7/10 Phil E.S. Dogg climbing a rockface

The weather becomes cold and wet the higher you climb. What should you do?

8/10 Phil looks at Beanotown from above

The sun has returned and Beanotown looks a long way down now. How are you feeling?

9/10 Phil E.S. Dogg and Gnasher rock climbing

You've been climbing for ages and feel tired. What do you want to do?

10/10 Phil and Gnasher climbing Mount Beano

You’ve reached the peak of Mount Beano! How do you celebrate?

Result: Nope

Mountaineer level: NOPE!

You were all ready to give rock climbing a try, but as soon as you spotted this yeti on the mountain's peak, so learned to abseil back down the rock face in a matter of seconds. We don't blame you, either! You've decided to take some lessons at your local climbing wall when you get back home, so not all is lost...

Result: Keen Learner

Mountaineer level: KEEN LEARNER!

This summer is about new experiences and adventures, and you can add rock climbing to your list! Thanks to the colour of those shorts, we could see you from the other side of Beanotown!

Result: Pretty good

Mountaineer level: PRETTY GOOD!

You picked up the basics of rock climbing very quickly. You gave the instructor your full attention and took your time, which is very important. Great stuff!

Result: YOU ROCK

Mountaineer level: YOU ROCK!

Have you done this before? Are you sure? You're a born natural then! Not many people have climbed to the very top of Mount Beano before. Well done!