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15 Really Average Facts!

We’re all the same in many different ways. Here are 15 awesomely average facts to prove it!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2022

You might think you stand out from the crowd, but there are some people who do lots of research to find out how similar we actually are. They’re called statisticians and take counting very seriously. Their findings can reveal the average of many different things, from what crisp flavours the majority of us will reach for, to the amount of times we let off during the day.

1. An average fact about falling sleep!


While it can take many of us a little while to fall asleep – the night before an exciting day out or Christmas Eve – it takes the average person just seven minutes to fall asleep at night. Adults sleep less than seven hours a day, which often feels nowhere near enough. Especially on a Monday morning.

2. An average fact about farting!

A man smelling a bad fart

The NHS say that everyone farts between 5 and 15 times a day. They clearly didn’t include your mate in their research. He farts like a tractor starting in the morning. Absolutely disgusting. But farting is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Just try and do it when you’re not around loads of people. Or in a broken lift.

3. An average fact about going to the toilet!

A man holding lots of toilet rolls

According to experts, we go for a wee around 6 or 7 times a day on average. It can be a little more if you drink lots of water. Poop researchers say it’s considered normal to go anywhere between 3 times a day or 3 times a week.

4. An average fact about yawning!

The average person will yawn about 240,000 times in their lifetime. A yawn lasts around six seconds, so that means… we spend over 16 days doing it. Are you trying not to yawn now?

5. An average fact about walking!

The average person will take about 4000 steps a day, which is roughly 2 miles. Some people aim for 10,000 steps and will often show off their app to anyone who’s mildly interested. Either way, it could to be active if you can. Dogs love walking more than any living being on earth and that’s a fact.

6. An average fact about eggs!

The average hen lays 228 eggs a year! That is a LOT of fried egg sandwiches! (Although if you're a chicken, you probably prefer a healthier breakfast after all that laying!)

7. An average fact about laughter!

@kissonline | Instagram

The average person laughs 10 times a day - that's a lot, but if you got that average person to read not just The Beano, but also Danny Wallace's new book, The Luckiest Kid in the World, then that average person would be laughing MILLIONS of times a day. And that's just a scientific fact.

8. An average fact about spuds!

In the UK, the average person will consume around 500 potatoes a year. They could be roasties, jacket potatoes, mashed potatoes, or chips. The humble potato is an unsung hero of the dinner table, when you think about it for ages.

9. An average fact about laughing!

Two people laughing

The average human spends about six minutes of each day laughing. This could be spread out over the course of 24 hours or just one, long laugh. You know, the type you do when you see a cat try to catch a red laser point on the wall.

10. An average fact about sleeping!

The average person will spend around 26 years of their lifetime fast asleep, dreaming about turning up late for an exam or scoring a goal on the moon. You know, the usual type of dream. The length of sleeping is broken up into daily chunks – it’s not one massive lie-in.

11. An average fact about nose picking!

Nose Jokes

The average person picks their nose four times a day. If you think this fact is disgusting, then you’re not the average person when it comes to digging for gross treasure. If you think this isn’t much at all, then maybe give it a rest for a while. It’s not very hygienic.

12. An average fact about the height of men in the UK!

The average man in the UK is 175cm tall. That’s the same as a pile of 175 Beanos. But in clothes.

13. An average fact about the height of women in the UK!

The average woman in the UK is 164cm tall. That’s the same as a pile of 164 Beanos!

14. An average fact about the UK’s favourite flavour of crisps!

The most popular crisp flavour in the UK is cheese and onion. We were expecting something a bit more spicy, like jalapeño and beef, but cheese and onion is the boss when it comes to savoury snacks!

15. An average fact about waiting for the bus!

In the UK, the average person will spend 42 minutes waiting for a bus every day. That’s a long time when you begin to add it up. It seems even longer when it’s raining or cold. Or you have a bag of cheese and onion crisps waiting in the cupboard at home…