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Back To School – How To Avoid Anger!

Life can be tricky and everyone can lost their patience at times. How will you react to these made-up situations?

1/12 A broken calculator

You've brought your new calculator in and discover it doesn't work. Do you…

2/12 A person who has forgotten their packed lunch

You've got all the way to the school gate and realise you've forgotten your lunch. Do you…

3/12 Homework in a muddy puddle

You're walking to school and drop your homework in a muddy puddle. Do you…

4/12 American football player

You're playing sports and you're chosen for a position you hate playing. Do you…


You're in the queue for school dinner and your favourite meal has run out. Do you…

6/12 An annoyed person with steam coming out of their ears

It's Monday, it's raining and you've got double maths. Do you…

7/12 A sad student

Your best friend has joined another group of people at break time. Do you…

8/12 A delicious school lunch

You're carrying your lunch tray to the table and someone bumps into you and you drop everything. Do you…

9/12 Two people laughing

Your friends make a joke about you but it gets a bigger reaction than they anticipated. Do you…

10/12 A person pointing a finger of blame

In a group task, someone makes a massive mistake and blames you in front of the teacher. Do you…

11/12 A student holding an important book

You lend someone an important book and they forget to bring it back. Now your homework will be harder to do. Do you…

12/12 A lump of chewing gum

You reach under the desk for something and get someone else's chewing gum stuck on your hand. Do you…

Result: Ice cool

You are: ICE COOL!

You're cool as a cucumber wearing an ice cube for a hat. Nothing seems to get to you and you're a calm person to be around!

Result: Laid back

You are: LAID BACK!

You're relaxed about everything and nothing really seems to make you annoyed!

Result: A Bit Grumpy

You are: A BIT GRUMPY!

While you can handle most annoying situations, you sometimes have a tendency to get a bit stroppy. Next time you feel irritated, how about you try counting up to 10 and seeing how you feel then? It might work wonders!

Result: A Fireball of Fury


Even the smallest inconvenience can really set you off. It's time to practice some calming techniques, like deep breathing or having a walk in the fresh air!

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