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Which Back to the Future Period Would You Be Sent Back To?

Back To The Future is one of the classic time travel films to have ever been made! But if you were in Marty’s position, where might you be sent to?! Let’s find out where, or when!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 17th 2023

These brilliant films play with time in a way that not many other films can, something that seems right and good one moment can flip in a second and pow, before you know it, life is completely different! Maybe the true lesson is never mess with time travel! But where would YOU end up if you were in Doc and Marty’s shoes?


What is your favourite mode of transport?


What would you prefer to eat for breakfast?


What is your favourite pastime?


What is your dream house made of?


What music do you like to listen to to get you excited?


What is your favourite drink?


You’re late for school, how do you get there on time?


A wizard offers you a wish, which do you choose?

Pokemon Corporation

Which Pokemon do you feel like today?


What is your favourite colour?

Back To The Future | Amblin Entertainment | Bob Gale | Bob Gale

Timeline: 2045!

You’ve gone forward and you’re stuck with Doc as he tries to stop the end of the world! The invention of the hoverboard and hovercars led to disaster for humans! People became lazy because they never walked anywhere, and then, as night follows day, everything went wrong! The only thing you can do is stay fit and make sure to spend lots of time outside!

Timeline one! 1955!
Back To The Future | Amblin Entertainment | Bob Gale | Bob Gale

Timeline one! 1955!

Pow! The smoke clears and you’ve found yourself in the 1950s! Your mission is to get back to the present day, but first things first, you’ve got to convince Doc that you’re really from the future! Maybe show him some pictures of fidget spinners on your phone, there’s no way they could’ve been invented in 1955! Easy!

Back To The Future II | Amblin Entertainment | Bob Gale | Bob Gale

Timeline four! 2015!

Life isn’t quite how we expected 2015 to be in Back To The Future, but heck, it’s a film after all! You’re stuck in a world full of hoverboards and holographic giant sharks! But remember, don’t get distracted by the shiny outfits or any sports magazines, you never know what might happen! You’ve got to save Marty’s kids, there’s work to be done!

Back To The Future III | Amblin Entertainment | Bob Gale | Bob Gale

Timeline seven! 1885!

Yeehaw! You’ve hopped on back to the Wild West, a world full of cowboys, leather and steam trains! Life is hard in the dusty ol’ west but you’ve got a serious job to do, 1885 isn’t the kind of place you want to get stuck! So get your brain in gear and see if you can get the Delorean up to 88mph or you’ll be stuck in a shootout with the next rude bandit that rides into town!