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20 Ballet Jokes To Keep You On Your Toes!

Step up to the barre! It's time to tie up your pointe shoes and dance with merriment at these ballet jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 29th 2024

Do you love ballet? Do you love to laugh? Well, now you can experience the joy of both at the same time! These ballet-themed jokes will make you giggle so hard, you'll be dizzy as if you just did a pirouette! And if you love dancing, we've got more fun for you! Find out your dance style, or learn if you should dance or do gymnastics!

What do you call a male ballet dancer who’s just had twins?

A pa de deux!

What grade did the ballerina get at university?

A 2:2!

The inventor of the ballet skirt had a hard time deciding what to call it…

But eventually she put tu and tu together!

Why can’t cows do ballet?

Because they lactose!

What is a ballerina’s favourite sci-fi film?

Barre Wars: Return of the Jeté!

Why do ballerinas make such good lawyers?

They always pass the barre exam!

How do ballerinas cut wire?

With a pair of pliés!

Why did the ballerina need an ice pack?

She got hit in the éfface!

How do ballerinas travel?

Jeté plane!

Why should you only hire security guards who know ballet?

They’ll always be on their toes!

What do you call a dancing sheep?

A baaaaa-llerina!

Why did the ballet dancer bring bread to dance practice?

To dip into the battement fondu!

What did the prima ballerina feel after twelve hours of practice?

The agony of de-feet!

What did the ballet dancer say when she lost her shoe?

“This is pointeless!”

What kind of ballet does Chewbacca like to do?


What do you call a dancer who can also hit a perfect strike?

A bowlerina!

What is an underwater monster’s favourite ballet?

The Nutkraken!

What is a ballerina’s favourite number?


What’s a pig’s favourite ballet?

Swine Lake!

What do you call a life without ballet?