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Should I Do Dance or Gymnastics Quiz?

Spin? Turn? Jump? Flip? How can you choose between dancing and gymnastics? Take this quiz and we'll tell you which one of these amazing hobbies you should be doing right now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 14th 2022

So, then... dancing and gymnastics! Both are amazing ways to have fun and keep fit, but which one do you like most? Maybe you like them both? Is that even possible? Let's limber up find out!

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1/10 Ultimate horse quiz
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Pick an animal:


Which of these is more fun?


Which of these is more important?

@govballnyc | giphy

Turn or flip?


Pick a word:

6/10 A footballer flossing
@vflwolfsburg | Giphy

What do you think of flossing?

@lizzobeeating | instagram

When you need to concentrate, what would you rather listen to?

@andrewwk | giphy

Pick a move:


What would you rather wear?


You're walking down the street and there's a big puddle in front of you. How do you get past it?

You should do Dance!

Gymnastics is great but dancing is clearly your passion, so you should do that - and there's no time like the present! You can start by doing a little dance wherever you are right now! A little jig on the kitchen table, maybe? Was this not the result you were after? Well don't worry - you can still do gymnastics if you want too. We won't tell anyone!

You should do Gymnastics!

Dancing is good and all, but gymnastics is clearly your favourite! So pause your jiving, and get started on those acrobatics! And don't worry, if you fancy picking up dancing again later then go ahead - we won't tell!

Dancing AND Gymnastics!

You just can't choose! And how could you? Both dancing and gymnastics are equally great! And if you're good at one, you're more likely to be good at the other one as well. Maybe you can mix dancing and gymnastics? Rumba on the pommel horse, anyone?

You don't like either!

You're not a fan of dancing OR gymnastics! Which is fine - there are plenty of other sporty things to be doing with your time. In fact, there are plenty of non-sporty things to be doing too - like playing video games or reading! Nobody said you have to jump around ALL the time!