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Gymnastic Jokes

Step up to the matt and get ready for the performance of a lifetime. These gymnastic jokes will have you twisting and turning in laughter. They’ll make you completely flip! It’s another gold medal for the Beano in the Gymnastic Jokes event!!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 10th 2021

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What is a gymnast’s favourite pudding?

Jam roly-poly!

Why aren’t the walls in a gymnast’s house shiny?

Because they are always using the matt. This is the worst joke we’ve ever written. We’re sorry!

What did the gymnast do with a hotdog?

Put it in a forward roll!

What’s a gymnast’s favourite time of year?

Summersault or Handspring!

What do you call a mean acrobat?

A gymnasty!

Seven days without any gymnastics training… 

Makes one weak...

What do a gymnast and a Joke Writer’s bank account have in common?

Outstanding balance!

Why are gymnasts always dangling from rings?

It’s a good place to hang out!

Why’s that gymnast standing on the roof of the bank?

I asked her to mount the vault!

Why do Gymnasts work in teams?

Because there's safety in tumblers!

Why did the farmer ask a passing gymnast to help move his wagon?

Because the gymnast was an expert at cart wheels!

Why did the Olympic villain hate Simone Biles and Sky Brown?

He’d’ve got away with it without those medalling kids!

Dad: I was once a great gymnast...

Daughter: Yeah, in a parallel (bars) dimension!

What do gymnasts and bananas have in common?

They are both great at splits!

It's an banana skin

I had a fear of the vaulting horse...

I got over it!

What does a gymnast drink before bed?

A Yurchenkocoa

Why did the gymnast go to sleep just before competing?

She wanted a perfect kip!

Mum: Can my daughter sign up for Gymnastics?
Gym Teacher: How flexible is she?

Mum: She’s free Monday, Thursday and Saturday!

Where are cheating gymnasts sent?

They’re put behind parallel bars!

What did the actor say to the gymnast?

To beam or not to beam!

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Why do gymnasts have great TV reception?

Because of the aerials!