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Bananaman Cartoon Quiz โ€“ The Crown Jewel Caper

Can you get ten out of ten in this Bananaman cartoon quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

When The Heavy Mob hatch a plan to steal one the nation's most beloved treasures, Bananaman is worried they might be after him. When he finds out it's the crown jewels, he swings into action...

You've watched the cartoon - you have watched the cartoon, right? - so now you're ready to take on Bananaman's Cartoon Quiz!


1/10 What is the name of the man painting the wall at Police HQ?


2/10 And what colour is he painting the wall?


3/10 What yummy treat does Bananaman order from Police Chief O'Reilly?


4/10 Who is the leader of The Heavy Mob?


5/10 Why does Bananaman think Eddie the Gent has been holding up parking meters?


6/10 What is the first thing the Heavy Mob need if they're going to steal the crown jewels?


7/10 Which member of The Heavy Mob is dangled over the crown jewels?


8/10 What does Bananaman use to stop The Heavy Mob swiping the jewels?


9/10 What is the only way out for The Heavy Mob?


10/10 When Chiefy orders the policemen to draw weapons, what do they do?

Well done - the crown jewels are safe with your sharp eyes keeping lookout!

Not bad, but the crown jewels deserve more security - why not watch the cartoon again and see if you can improve your score?

Ouch!ย  If you were in charge, the crown jewels would already be gone! Watch the cartoon again and see if you can improve your score!

You've heard of the Man of Steel - well, even he quakes before the Man of Peel, Bananaman!