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Bananaman Cartoon Quiz: The Lost Tribe Of The Tapiocas

Can you get 10 out of 10 in this Bananaman cartoon quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 4th 2023

When Eric's favourite newsreader is kidnapped, he knows Bananaman is the one to save the day...

You've watched the cartoon - you have watched the cartoon, right? - so now you're ready to take on Bananaman's Cartoon Quiz!


1/10 What is Eric's favourite reporter called?


2/10 How long has the skull-on-a-stick been playing the drums?


3/10 What is the mythical god of the Tapiocas called?


4/10 Which way do Fiona and her kidnapper go?


5/10 How does Crow hope Bananaman's melody will end?


6/10 What does Bananaman think might be happening when he falls down a hole?


7/10 What kind of snake is an arithmetic snake?


8/10 How does Bananaman escape the snakes?


9/10 Who does the big hairy dude think Fiona and Bananaman are?


10/10 And why does the big hairy dude think he made that mistake?

Well done - you rescued Fiona!

Not bad, but not quite super! Why not try again, and see if you can rescue Fiona this time?

Ouch! You're about as super as a chocolate teapot. Watch the toon again, and be quick - Fiona needs you!

Youve heard of the Man of STeel - well, even he quakes before the Man of Peel, Bananaman!