Bananaman's Name That Villain! Quiz

Bananaman's had a knock on the 'nana-noggin and he can't remember who his enemies are. Can you help him?

Bananaman needs some 'nana-knowledge

Name That Villain!

Who is this fruity foe?

What's that? She looks like a little old lady? Not quite - it's...

There's a cold front coming. But who's responsible?

He lives in the cold wastes of the Arctic. It's...

What's black and white and smells like a drain?

Like Bananaman, they aren't the smartest. But who are they?

He's the villain most likely to be behind Bananaman's bothers. He is...

He's got all the gear, but no idea. He is...

A slimy space baddie next. Who is he?

He's a doctor, but he won't make you feel better. Who is he?

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