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Barbie Video Game Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Barbie's not just a movie star, she's a video game superstar too! See how much you know about her adventures!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 11th 2023

Is there anything Barbie can't do? Not only is she the number one movie star in the world, she's also been in more video games than you can play! See if you can sort out the facts from the falsehoods in this extra-pink video game quiz - we know you can do it! And stick around for more fun afterwards - try our Barbie through the ages quiz, see how much you know about Barbie pets and accessories, or pick some Taylor Swift songs and we'll tell you what % Barbie you are!


How many video games starring Barbie are there?


What year did the first Barbie video game come out?

Barbie | A. Edyy Goldfarb & Associates | Epyx

What platform was it on?


Which of these Barbie games was planned but never released?


How many Detective Barbie games are there?

Secret Agent Barbie | Gigawatt Studios | Dave Koenig | Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing

Which of these was not a location in Secret Agent Barbie?


Which of these is not a gameplay feature in the Barbie Horse Adventures series?

Barbie as Rapunzel | Funnybone Interactive | Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.

True or false โ€“ Barbie as Rapunzel the video game came out before the film?


What year did Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures come out?


Where can you play Barbie Colour Creations?

Uh oh, looks like you need to get back to playing Barbie! Don't worry, it's a great excuse to get gaming again!

Not bad! You've definitely enjoyed a Barbie game or two! Maybe try a few more and then come back and see if you can bring your score up!

Good work - you're a big Barbie fan! You even know some rare Barbie game facts! We know you can get a perfect score though - why not try again and see if you can get the perfect score?

Absolutely PERFECT - you know everything about every digital adventure Barbie's ever been on!