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Could You Win the Battle for Bash Street?

A new teacher has arrived at Bash Street School. Can you lead your friends to victory in a prank war?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

What happens when an annoying teacher lays down the law at Bash Street School? Prank war! You can find out more in Dennis & Gnasher: The Battle for Bash Street School, a brand new book from the Beano!

What we want to know is, could you lead Dennis and the gang in an epic prank battle? Test your nerve and make vital decisions in this blam quiz!

1/12 A sleepy person with a pillow

You wake up thinking it’s the school holiday but your mum says it’s the first day of school. How do you react?

2/12 A man in a suit

An authority figure pays a visit to the school. How do you greet them?

3/12 Rules on a chalkboard

A new, cruel teacher has issued a new set of rules which must be obeyed. How do you feel about that?

4/12 A woman deciding on something

If you break the rules, you will be punished. Do you behave?

5/12 A coach holding a tactics board

You and your friends have had enough of the new teacher. What do you do?

6/12 A door with a note saying Secret Meeting

A secret meeting is needed. Where do you meet?

7/12 The classic toothpaste Oreo prank

It's decided that everyone needs to think up of some pranks to play against the teacher. What do you choose to do?

8/12 A grumpy teacher

Your new teacher spots you in a corridor and is not happy. What do you do?


What’s the best prank to use against a teacher?

10/12 A motivational speech

Your friends are tired and need motivation to play more pranks. How do you inspire them?

11/12 A dog about to get covered in slime

One of your pranks backfires and you get covered in slime. What do you do next?

12/12 Many high fives at once

The prank wars are over. What do you say to your friends?

Result: You Win


Wow. That was a flawless prank attack. Very impressive. While you clearly don't need any more advice on pranking, you will definitely enjoy Beano's new book, Dennis & Gnasher: The Battle for Bash Street School, to see how Beanotown's finest took on the teachers!

Result: Phew


That was a close call, but you emerged as winners in what historians will describe as the Great Pranking War. May we suggest you take a look at Beano's new book, Dennis & Gnasher: The Battle for Bash Street School, for more pranking battle adventures?

Result: It's a draw


That was a close fought prank battle between your gang and the teachers! Why not check out Dennis & Gnasher: The Battle for Bash Street School and hone those pranking skills!

Result: Oops


That didn't go according to plan, did they? Why not check out our new book Dennis & Gnasher: The Battle for Bash Street School and you might get some quality pranking tips!