Beano Superstars - Dennis the Menace

Everything you need to know about Beano's No.1 Troublemaker


Name: Dennis Menace

Nickname: Dennis the Menace

Age: 10

Birthday: 17th March

Best friend: Gnasher

Worst enemy: Walter Brown, the mayor’s son

Prized possessions: His catapult, and his red and black stripey jumper

Motto: "Totally blam!"

Super skill: Awesome imagination

Family: Mum, Dad, baby sister Bea and Gran

Address: 51 Gasworks Road, Beanotown

Fact: Dennis's favourite thing about school is the bell that rings at 3.30!

Future Dennis

Sometimes, when Dennis really really needs help, Future Dennis will travel through time to help out. 

Dennis thinks Future Dennis is completely epic. 

Dennis and Future Dennis

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