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Beano Superstars – JJ

Everything you need to know about JJ!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2022

Hello, my name is Jennifer Jones. Only my mum calls me that, and everyone else calls me JJ. 

I’d describe myself in three words: funky, fit and fierce. I don’t like sitting around doing nothing, so you’ll probably see me doing all kinds of sports and activities, like walking a tightrope, gymnastics or even drone-dangling heli-skateboarding (weather permitting). 

I’m also a student of Blamjitsu, which is our town’s very own kind of martial art. It takes a lot of practice but is very fun to do. 

When I’m not doing sporty stuff, I play drums for Dennis and The Dinmakers, Beanotown’s fastest and loudest garage band. I keep everyone on the beat and that’s usually by hitting the drums harder than anyone else. That includes any rock drummer you can think of. 

I get around Beanotown by riding my bike. It’s a BMX which was custom-built by one of my big brothers and it’s the best bike ever – I’m always doing blam jumps. I’m not scared of anything. I’ve got four big brothers and they’re all bigger than me, but I’m the fastest of all. 

With all this energy and a love of sports and the outdoors, I think I’d like to be a PE teacher or an intrepid explorer, like Grizzly Griller. I’d never get tired and can boil down tricky ideas so they’re simple and easy to understand. That’s something I’ve learned from being friends with Rubi. She’s so brainy and will grab something to write with and say something like, 'It’s a portable hand-held lignum-vitae-with-graphite-core visual communications-instigator', when it would be quicker to say ‘pencil’. Her dad is Professor von Screwtop, so I’m not exactly surprised. 

Okay, time for band practice now.  Don’t forget to check out my blam facts below, and remember… always give it your all!

JJ Fact File

Name: Just call her JJ - only her mum uses her real name!

Age: 10

Birthday: 16th September

Best friend: Pie Face (she's always looking out for him)

Worst enemy: Walter Brown

Prized possessions: Her drum kit

Motto: 'Give it your all!'

Super skill: JJ is awesome at all sports!

Family: Mum, Dad, and 4 older brothers!

Address: Bash Street Flats

Fact: JJ runs a secret shop at school, where she sells pranks to the other kids (and sometimes pranks them)!