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Beano Superstars – Rubi

Meet Beanotown's tech genius

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2022

I assume everyone has started their Beano page with a quick science trivia quiz question, so here’s mine.

What do I have in common with a chemical element with the atomic number of 37?

Another clue? Okay then. What do I have in common with a soft, silvery white metal which has the chemical symbol Rb?

That’s right, we’re both called Rubidium. All fairly straightforward stuff. 

I’m Rubidium von Screwtop, or Rubi for short. It’s from the Latin rubidus, which is connected to the word rubeo, which means to glow red. 

My dad is Beanotown’s top research scientist Professor von Screwtop, which may explain my love of science and everything to do with technology. I’ve learned everything I know from watching him do his experiments, then doing my own to varying degrees of success. It’s the only way to explore science, plus I’m lucky I get to use all his laboratory widgets, bazingas, doo-hickeys and whatnot. 

When I was younger, I once mixed Explodium with Kabloomogen and blew up my dad’s lab. These aren’t the names of the actual chemicals, but they may as well have been. That was pretty embarrassing, but I learned not to do that again.

My best friends are JJ, Dennis and Pie Face and you’ll normally see us enjoying adventures around Beanotown. My wheelchair is more than a match for their skateboard, scooter and bike, and it’s kitted out with all the latest, most blam gadgets: all-terrain drive motor, solar panels, GPS, built-in 5G and a fridge for extra-cold fizzy drinks. Plus, you’ll rarely see me without my tablet – it’s extra handy for solving problems and plotting our next moves or just watching science documentaries when I want to relax. 

I love building gadgets, so made my own synth which I now play in Dennis and The Dinmakers – Beanotown’s fastest and loudest garage band. I can prove this with some simple equations, which I’m more than happy to show you all one day.

Until then, check out my facts below!

Rubi von Screwtop Fact File

Name: Rubidium von Screwtop (Rubi for short)

Age: 10

Birthday: 8th May

Best friend: Dennis

Worst enemy: Walter Brown

Prized possessions: Her tablet, which she uses to learn about everything!

Motto: 'I have the answer!' or 'Please don't touch that!'

Super skill: Rubi is amazingly clever - she can work anything out!

Family: Her dad, Professor von Screwtop

Address: 112 Mercer Street

Fact: Rubi's dad is a scientist, and he runs Beanotown's Top Secret Research Centre!