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Beano Superstars – Pieface

Meet Pieface, one of Dennis' best friends!

Name: Peter ‘Pieface’ Shepherd

Age: 10

Best friend: His pet, Paul the Potato (yes, he is actually a potato!), and Dennis the Menace

Worst enemy: Walter Brown

Prized possession: A morsel of crust from his first ever pie. It means the world to him but sometimes he thinks about eating it…

Motto: ‘There’s nothing you can’t put in a pie!’

Super skill: Pieface can tell what filling is in a pie just by looking at it!

Family: Pieface lives with his Mum, who likes soggy pastry, and his Dad, who likes it flaky. Pieface likes both.

Address: 62 Gasworks Avenue

Fact: Pieface invented the Pie Pie, which is a pie with a pie filling. Pie-fect!