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Beano Superstars – Walter Brown

Meet Walter Brown

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 11th 2017
Walter Brown from Beano, looking angry

Name: Walter Brown

Age: 10

Birthday: 1st April

Best friend: Bertie Blenkinsop

Worst enemy: Dennis the Menace (and Gnasher)

Prized possessions: His briefcase, because it makes him feel so grown-up. All the other kids at school are jealous because they don't have one.

Motto: "Fun is for failures!"

Super skill: Walter can take the fun out of anything 

Family: Walter lives with his dad, Wilbur Brown (the mayor of Beanotown) and his mum, Muriel

Address: Tranquillity,  53 Gasworks Road

Fact: Walter only listens to classical music. He doesn't much like it, but he thinks it makes him clever and grown-up.