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Who is Wilbur Brown?

Who is Wilbur Brown? He's the mayor of Beanotown!

Name: Wilbur Brown

Age: 41

Birthday: 16th January

Best friend: Wilbur doesn’t have friends, but he likes to hang out with people who are more powerful than him. It makes him feel important.

Worst enemy: People who get in his way

Prized possessions: He has a collection of stuffed animals on his study wall

Motto: Wilbur first!

Super skill: Wilbur can spot a chance to make money in anything, even times when people are miserable

Family: Wife Muriel, son Walter, cat Clawdis and dog Foo-foo

Address: Tranquility, 53 Gasworks Road. The house with the pool, right next door to Dennis

Fact: Wilbur’s first job was when he took over his father’s shop: Brown’s TV Rentals and Aerials