Who is Dennis Menace?

Meet Dennis Menace, Dennis and Bea's dad!

Dennis the Menace's dad, Beano

Name: Dennis Menace

Age: 40

Birthday: 17th March - he's exactly 30 years older than Dennis

Best friend: Sandra Menace, Dennis's mum

Worst enemy: Wilbur Brown, and the lawnmower

Prized possessions: He doesn't really have any because Dennis breaks everything! Maybe the shed, which is the only place he ever gets any peace!

Motto: 'This is so unfair!'

Super skill: Dad can nap anywhere. It's not his fault he likes to sleep!

Family: Sandra, Dennis, Bea, Gnasher, Gnipper and his mum, Dennis's Gran

Address: 51 Gasworks Road

Fact: Dennis's dad was just as big a menace as Dennis is - he doesn't believe it, but just ask Gran!

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