Who Is Sandra Menace?

Meet Sandra Menace, Dennis and Bea's Mum!

Dennis the Menace's mum

Name: Sandra Menace

Age: 38

Birthday: 19th May

Best friend: Her sister, Vicky Makepeace (Minnie's mum)

Worst enemy: Wilbur Brown, who is also her boss!

Prized possessions: She has a painting by Monet which she keeps er... hidden in the attic for a rainy day

Motto: Life's what you make it

Super skill: She's a fully-qualified ninja, and has a tattoo of a sleeping ninja (somewhere - no-one has ever seen it)

Family: Dennis Sr, Dennis, Bea, Gnasher, Gnipper

Address: 51 Gasworks Road

Fact: Mum has a top secret part-time career as an international master criminal!

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