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Beano Superstars – Sandra Menace

Meet Sandra Menace, Dennis and Bea's mum!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 10th 2022
Beano Superstars – Sandra Menace

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m the boss of the Menace household. I’m the glue which keeps the family together and rule the roost. My husband and our son – both called Dennis – know this but still test my limits sometimes. Young Dennis breaks things when he gets up to mischief, while older Dennis seems to spend a fair bit of time either working out how to pay for  repairs or retreats to the shed to try and fix everything with bits and pieces he has lying around. He does a good job when it comes to saving money, but I wish that boy was more careful!

I work for our local mayor, Wilbur Brown. If you’ve heard him bragging about his successes or how brilliant his family is, then you’ll wonder how I’m so laid-back about everything. It takes skill and nerves of steel. 

The nerves of steel and ability to keep some kind of order in our little world of chaos helps me with my other job, which is temping for the CIA. I can’t talk any more about it, but it’s very interesting and keeps me on my toes. 

I love art too. I have some excellent works of art which were, um, donated by the Beanotown Museum. I keep them safe in the loft in case they get damaged by Dennis, Bea or Gnasher. No-one has ever seen them and I never talk about them. It’s as if no-one knows they’re there.

I’ve said too much, actually. Let’s change the subject, shall we? Do you want to know some fun facts that won't get me into trouble with the CIA? Then, read on below!

Sandra Menace Fact File

Name: Sandra Menace

Nickname: Mum

Age: 38

Birthday: 19th May

Best friend: Her sister, Vicky Makepeace (Minnie's mum)

Worst enemy: Wilbur Brown, who is also her boss!

Prized possessions: She has a painting by Monet which she keeps, er, hidden in the attic for a rainy day.

Motto: 'Life's what you make it'

Super skill: She's a fully-qualified ninja!

Family: Dennis Sr, Dennis, Bea, Gnasher, Gnipper

Address: 51 Gasworks Road, Beanotown

Fact: Sandra Menace has a top secret part-time career as an international master criminal!