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Beano Superstars – Bea

Meet Bea, the human stinkbomb!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 1st 2021
Beano Superstars – Bea

Bea Menace Fact File

Name: Beatrice Menace

Nickname: Bea

Age: 1

Birthday: 8th August

Best friend: Gnipper is her favourite hug, but Dennis is her hero. She loves it when he tells her his 'special' bedtime stories that are nothing like the ones everybody else tells her!

Worst enemy: Walter Brown, the mayor’s son

Prized possessions: Her reinforced rattle (good for bashing stuff with) and an old catapult Dennis gave her

Motto: "Me can do that!"

Super skill: She can fill her nappy on demand!

Family: Mum, Dad, big bro Dennis and Gran

Address: 51 Gasworks Road, Beanotown

Fact: Bea's name was chosen by Beano readers!