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Beano Superstars – Gnasher

Everything you need to know about Dennis's best friend!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2022
Beano Superstars – Gnasher

Hello! Dennis here. Seeing as Gnasher can’t type and just says 'gnash!' all of the time, it's been left to me to tell you all about my best pal. My dog is an Abyssinian Wire-haired Tripehound – a rare breed of dog from East Africa – and he’s pretty famous too!

He basically looks like my spiky hairstyle with four little legs and a face poking out. He’s also got the biggest set of teeth, which are strong enough to help him chomp his way through a concrete block easily.  But don’t try this at home, ever! 

He’s a brave, loyal pal and rarely leaves my side, unless I’m off doing some dangerously blam tricks on the skate ramp. Sometimes he’ll sprint off in a split second but if you follow the smell of sausages, it’s pretty easy to spot him sitting outside Butch Butcher's shop. He’s obsessed with sausages.

Even when it comes to school, we’re inseparable. I’ve sometimes pretended that Gnasher is my backpack and just gave him a sneaky piggyback into Bash Street School – it works most of the time, unless we’re having sausages for school dinner then it’s game over.

We all know that me and Walter Brown don’t exactly send each other birthday cards or Christmas presents, and Gnasher isn’t a fan of Walter’s sneaky, conniving cat, Clawdia.  He’ll dish out some serious side-eye at at her. That feline foe will stop at nothing to get Gnasher into trouble!

Gnasher is the proud dad of six dogs: his son Gnipper and daughters Gnatasha, Gnaomi, Gnanette, Gnorah and Gnancy.

He’s the greatest dog ever, basically. 

If you want even more terrier-tastic facts about Beanotown’s most delinquent dog and sausage aficionado, keep reading! 

Gnasher Fact File

Name: Gnasher

Age: No-one really knows!

Best friend: Dennis

Worst enemies: Walter Brown and his sneaky cat, Clawdia

Prized possession: His teeth

Motto: 'I gnash therefore I am'

Super skill: His amazing super-strong teeth

Family: His son, Gnipper, and his daughters Gnaomi, Gnatasha, Gnanette, Gnorah and Gnancy

Address: 51 Gasworks Road, Beanotown

Fact: Gnasher is a super-rare Abyssinian Wire-haired Tripehound, and his teeth are the strongest things known to science (probably)