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These funny sausage jokes are certified bangers! We've got some brilliant jokes and ones which are the absolute wurst!

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What do you call a sausage who's been sunbathing all day?


Did you hear about the sausage who kept attacking themselves on Fortnite?

They were their own wurst enemy!

Did you hear the pun about the German sausage?

It was the wurst!

What is a butcher's favourite rock band?

Linkin Pork!

What kind of sausage does Zelda like?


Where was the first sausage cooked?


What do you call a German sausage that's flipped over in a frying pan?

A turn for the wurst!

Why did the butcher cry when he saw a sausage?

He feared the wurst!

How do you make a sausage roll?

Push it down a hill!

What do you call a girl with some sausages on her head?


What do you call sausages who go trick or treating?


A bird stole my sausage when I went to the beach.

It was a tern for the wurst!

Did you hear about the actor who was an extra in a film about Greggs?

He got a sausage role!

Did you hear about the car that was made out of sausages?

It was a banger!

What looks like half a sausage?

The other half!

Why did the sausage's album go to Number 1 in the charts?

Every song was a banger!

What do you call a sausage who comes first in a race?

The Weiner!

What is a sausage's favourite kind of firework?

A banger!

What do you call a delivery of German sausages?

A wurst case scenario!

Did you hear about the person who worked in a German sausage factory?

It was the wurst job ever!

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