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20 Mushroom Jokes By Some Fun Guy

Be the fungi at the party and help yourself to some of Beano's mouth-watering mushroom jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

A tasty selection of magnificent mushroom jokes, straight from Beano HQ!

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How does mushroom clean its house?

mushroom jokes

With a mushbroom!

Why was the mushroom arrested?

mushroom jokes


How do you get into a mushroom?

mushroom jokes

Ring the porta-bell-a!

What do you call a mushroom encyclopedia?

mushroom jokes

A fung-uide to mushrooms!

What did the grumpy mushroom say to the fun mushroom?

Mushroom jokes

Put a cap on it!

Why are mushrooms so well behaved?

Mushroom jokes

They don't want to get in truffle!

What do you call a picture of a mushroom with no arms, legs or head?

Mushroom jokes

A stalk photo!

Why would the mushroom not sit on the couch?

mushroom jokes

It prefers toadstools!

Why did the mushroom hate going to school?

mushroom jokes

Because he was always so spored!

What kind of mushroom can you find in the sea?

mushroom jokes

Oyster mushrooms!

What do fungi enjoy around a campfire?

mushroom jokes


Did you hear the jokes about the fungus?

mushroom jokes

You wont like it, but it might grow on you!

What do you call a mushroom that makes music?

mushroom jokes

A decomposer!

Which vegetable goes best with jacket potatoes?

mushroom jokes

Button mushrooms!

What noise does a mushroom car make?

mushroom jokes

Shroom shroom!

What room has no doors?

mushroom jokes

A mushroom!

What happens if your car breaks down in the Mushroom Kingdom?

mushroom jokes

It gets toad!

How much room is needed for fungi to grow?

mushroom jokes

As mushroom as possible!

Have you met my buddy Mushroom?

mushroom jokes

He's a fungi!

What’s the world’s biggest mushroom competition?

mushroom jokes

The champignon’s league!

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