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Take a Peek Inside the Beano Joke Book!

The hunt is on for Beanotown’s best joker, so sit down, put your feet up and get ready to laugh yourself silly with this Beano Joke Book!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

It’s comedy night in Beanotown and Bash Street’s finest comedians have come together to compete for glory at Bash Street Comedy Club. The only rule is that everyone is funny.

Everyone has brought their funniest, most epic jokes with them to impress YOU. They'll be telling toilet jokes, sports jokes, pirate jokes... Nothing but the best of the best! But who’s the funniest? Only you can decide by casting your vote!

Who will you decide is the best joker? Check out some of the amazing jokes below!

We're also on the look out for Britain's Funniest Class!

Do you find yourself regularly laughing on the classroom floor with tears in your eyes? Then you might be part of the funniest class in Britain! There's only one way to find out though: take part in the Beano Funniest Class competition!

There's an amazing prizes up for grabs, including a year's subscription to the Beano for each student, a bundle of awesome Beano books, a Beano illustration of the class, plus a Beano school assembly. Stay tuned for details!

The Beano Joke Book is 208 pages packed with the best side-splitters ever printed on paper and experts reckon it helps form part an essential part of your recommended hilarity intake!

It's out now via Farshore and you can get in online through the Beano shop!