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Beano Reacts to Christmas Adverts 2018!

Matt, Johnny, Cassie and Emma react to a selection of 2018's biggest Christmas adverts. Which will they think is best and will there be any they don't like?

Johnny, Cassie, Matt and Emma react to some of the biggest Christmas adverts of 2018.

Matt’s feeling a bit Grinchy so Emma tries to win him around and get him into the Christmas spirit while Cassie and Johnny sit back and enjoy watching and reviewing all the festive ads.

The squad react to Kevin the Carrot in the Aldi advert, Elton John in the John Lewis one, the star of the show in Sainsbury’s, the mayhem in the ASDA ad and two cute teddy bears in that star in the Heathrow Christmas advert.

They’ll be lots of laughs, rating and reviews. Which do you think the squad liked the best?