Welcome to the unofficial home of Christmas on the web! Christmas quizzes, jokes, videos, trivia and more ... we can't get enough of Christmas at Beano!

The Snowman: A Netchicks Movie Mashup

This chicken-lickin' special is a real snowball

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Merry Chickmas Everyone!

We’re the Rubber Chickens and we’ve taken over – because the humans working here just don't get Christmas

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Rubber Chicken Keyboard

Don't talk it, squawk it, with Beano's brilliant finger clicken' Rubber Chicken Keyboard. Cluck!

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Christmas Quizzes

Merry quiz-mas! We've got stockings full of Christmas quizzes, from Christmas movie quizzes to trivia questions about the most quiz-massy time of the year.

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A joke

What's the most popular wine at Christmas?


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