Beano Christmas Chaos

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The Worst Christmas Villains

Rant Attack: Why Can't it Be Christmas Every Day?!

How to Spot a Christmas Meltdown!

We’ve Got an Exclusive Interview with Santa!

Super Relaxing ASMR Christmas Snowglobes to Help You Sleep

SANTA VR: Step into Santa's Sleigh and See How Santa Delivers All the Presents on Christmas Eve

How to Make a T-Shirt Christmassy!

How to Have a Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas!

Play Blast the Parcel!

It's Dennis's birthday - time to snag some epic gear!

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What does Santa use to bake cakes?


Play Elton's Super Snowball Smash

Now's your chance to fight off boring Christmas ads - Yule have a smashing time! Did you see what we did there? Yule... You'll..? Oh, never mind, just play the game!

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Rubber Chickens Invade Christmas Songs

Rubber Chickens cause mayhem everywhere they go... and at Christmas it's no different. Here they are invading (and improving) lots of Christmas music videos!

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Simon & Simon's Guide to Christmas

Presents, the Queen's Speech, Christmas trees... Simon & Simon explain it all. Kind of.

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Quiz: What Bit of Xmas Dinner are You?

Everyone likes Christmas dinner - but does Christmas dinner like you? Find out whether you're the pigs in blankets, turkey, roast potatoes or sprouts! (Ewwww)

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Quiz: Which Reindeer are You?

Find out which one of Santa's trusted reindeer you are with this awesome quiz!

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What's the most popular wine at Christmas?