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Beano Superstars – ‘Erbert

Meet 'Erbert - one of the Bash Street Kids!

Name: Herbert Henry Hoover

Age: 9

Best friends: Plug and Wilfrid from Class 2B

Worst enemy: Cuthbert, the class tell-tale and teacher’s pet

Prized possession: His glasses, where would he be without them? He’s not really sure where he is, even with them…

Motto: “I’m watching you, Cringeworthy, always watching … hey, where did he go?”

Super skill: ‘Erbert has quite bad eyesight, but his other senses are amazing: he can feel lunchtime coming and recognise people by their taste (Spotty tastes sour)

Family: Mum, dad and cousin Henrietta

Address: Second floor, Bash Street Towers

Fact: ‘Erbert once kissed a plastic elf under the mistletoe