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Beano Superstars – General Blight

Meet Bananaman’s least favourite big-nosed baddie!

General Blight from Bananaman

Name: General Barry Blight

Age: 55

Best friend: Doctor Gloom (even though he actually hates the doc)

Worst enemy: Bananaman

Prized possession: His medals (which are really somebody else’s medals – he pinched them!)

Motto: “Always be evil”

Super skill: He’s really, really REALLY good at making plans for robbing banks, kidnapping people and taking over the world. He’s not so god at actually getting his plans to work, though.

Family: Only his mum, Brenda Blight. The General’s dearest wish is to make his mum proud, but no matter what he does, he just isn’t evil enough.

Fact: General Blight’s hobby is driving tanks. On golf courses. While people are trying to play golf!