Beano Superstars - Les Pretend

Meet the little boy with the big imagination!

Les Pretend, from Beano. Les is the little kid with th ebig imagination, here he is pretending to dig up pirate treasure

Name: Les Presley Pretend

Birthday: 28th April

Best friends: Edd (you know, Edd who has the Numskulls) and Tricky Dicky

Worst enemy: Mr Throbb, his teacher. Mr Throbb hates it when Les pretends to be something. The vein in his temple throbs away like it's going to burst!

Prized possessions: His imagination and his collection of props!

Motto: "Nothing is real until you believe it."

Super skill: Dressing up and becoming anything he wants to be!

Family: Les lives with his Mum and Dad, Des. Des loves Elvis Presley and even looks a bit like him. That's also why Les's middle name is Presley! 

Address: Sometimes he says Buckingham Palace, sometimes the Millennium Falcon. His mum and dad live at 16 Gasworks Road, if that helps.

Fact: Les once dressed up as his mum. His dad thought he was a better mum than mum, so his mum dressed up as Les!

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