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Beano Superstars – Les Pretend

Meet the little boy with the big imagination!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 17th 2022

Hello, my name is Les and I can't remember the last time I was bored. If you've got some props, you'll never run out of things to do.

My parents describe me as 'little boy with the big imagination'. That's because I love pretending to be different things, just for fun. I've been everything: a remote-controlled robot, a fortune teller, a traffic warden and even a sunflower.

Sometimes my imagination backfires, though. One day, I pretended to be a Sat Nav when my dad needed directions to a garden centre. Everything was going well until I got mixed up and told him to drive his car into the centre of our garden. I was half-right, I suppose, but I stopped pretending to be a Sat Nav after that.

During the week, I live in a space station which hovers over Beanotown. It parks in the sky above Bash Street School and just before the bell rings, I'm lowered into the playground on a special mechanical platform, then I just walk right in. I time this so I'm the last student to go indoors, so no-one ever sees me. Imagine if my classmates saw me? They'd all want a look around the space station!

At the weekend, I live in a big castle surrounded by a shark-infested moat. I dress up like a king and stride around my kingdom. I sit at a big banqueting table in the kitchen and enjoy a feast fit for a king. Kings eat sandwiches and crisps, right? Thought as much.

And when it's time for bed, I wait until my parents think I'm asleep, then I climb into my rocket ship and zoom around the universe until it's time to for breakfast. Like I said, you'll never get bored if you use your imagination.

Les Pretend Fact File

Name: Les Presley Pretend

Birthday: 28th April

Best friends: Edd (you know, Edd who has the Numskulls) and Tricky Dicky

Worst enemy: Mr Throbb, his teacher. Mr Throbb hates it when Les pretends to be something. The vein in his temple throbs away like it's going to burst!

Prized possessions: His imagination and his collection of props!

Motto: 'Nothing is real until you believe it'

Super skill: Dressing up and becoming anything he wants to be!

Family: Les lives with his Mum and Dad, Des. Des loves Elvis Presley and even looks a bit like him. That's also why Les's middle name is Presley! 

Address: Sometimes he says Buckingham Palace, sometimes the Millennium Falcon. His mum and dad live at 16 Gasworks Road, if that helps.

Fact: Les once dressed up as his mum. His dad thought he was a better mum than mum, so his mum dressed up as Les!