Beano Superstars - The Numskulls

Meet the little people who live in your head!

Numskulls, Beano
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Names: The Numskulls are Brainy, Radar, Blinky, Cruncher and Snitch

Age: They're the same age as Edd, they live in his head

Best friend: Edd, of course!

Worst enemy: It has to be the Germs, who make Edd feel unwell

Prized possession: Radar has a collection of ear-wax carvings. Blinky loves the blinds which keep him shaded on sunny days. Cruncher has a photo album of every meal Edd has ever eaten. Snitch has a pea which Edd once shoved up his nose and Brainy keeps the one good idea he ever had in a jar on a shelf.

Motto: 'It's all in your head, Edd!'

Super skill: When the Numskulls stop working together, it makes Edd do really silly things!

Family: They're all one big, happy family

Address: They live in Edd's head, but everyone has their own Numskulls!

Fact: There are more Numskulls in your head, there's Tumskulls, who look after your tummy, and Bumskulls, who look after... er, let's not go there!

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