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Beano Superstars – Sienna

Learn about Dangerous Dan's little sister!

Beano Team
Last Updated:Β  August 26th 2022
Beano Superstars – Sienna

Hello, I'm Sienna and live at 12 Greenbelt Drive with my mum Darlene, my dad J.B. and my brother, who you'll know as Dangerous Dan!

My big brother is really, really annoying. He's always playing with his phone and wears a tuxedo, like he was a spy or something like that. He's always asking mum if she can help him iron his suit. He thinks he looks blam, but I think he looks like a waiter.

He'll be having his dinner one moment and his digital watch will make a weird beeping noise, and he'll run out of the house. He'll say something like he forgot he'd planned to see his friends but I think he's just doing it so he gets out of doing the washing up. My dad is the same. I couldn't even tell you what he does for a job, because he said its top secret. Maybe he's a waiter.

I found one of his notebooks at the weekend. It was full of passwords or codes. It would take too long to work out what it all means, so I left it where I found it. His bedroom is full of gadgets, but he always tells me to keep my hands off because they're 'really important', because they belong to the school. It's weird, because I don't think school has stuff like that and they certainly wouldn't let any of the students borrow things like that. Everyone who goes to Bash Street School tends to break things, you see.

Anyway, Dan's just come home with a bag of gadgets. I'm going to sneak upstairs and spy on him and try and find out what they're for! I'm good at things like that. Maybe I could be a spy one day...

Sienna Fact File

Name: Sienna



Best friend:

Worst enemy:Β 

Prized possessions:

Motto:Β 'πŸ”₯'

Super skill:


Address: 12 Greenbelt Drive