Beano Superstars - Dangerous Dan

Meet Dangerous Dan, Beanotown's top, secret agent!

Dangerous Dan, the young secret agent from Beano

Name: Dangerous Dan

Birthday: 6th August

Best friends: Agent Q, his handler

Prized possessions: His tuxedo, which contains all his latest gadgets

Motto: I've got a plot to foil!

Super skill: Fighting evil schemes

Family: His mum, Darlene, and sister Sienna

Address: 12 Greenbelt Drive

Fact: Dan's dad is also a secret agent - not even Dan's mum, knows his real name! All we know is his initials, which are J.B.

Worst enemy: S.M.I.R.K., the Secret Ministry of Intelligent Rotters Komittee - led by The Prefect

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