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Beanotown Confidential – Bash Street School Staff Room

Sneak into the Bash Street Staff Room!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  April 20th 2017

Welcome to the Bash Street School Staff Room!

Come in quickly, before someone sees you!This is the staff room at Bash Street School, and we're only able to get a look inside because all the teachers are in the Head's office getting a row for the school's poor performance in the Junior Chess World Cup.If you look around, you'll see how the most important teachers get the best seats. This is fair because they've suffered the most. 

You can also see why Mrs Creecher and the other teachers seem to know all the answers, all the time. They actually don't know anything, but they have a shelf of books where they can look things up. Don't ever tell them about the internet, or they'll clog it up with stupid questions like 'what is the greyest thing ever made?' and 'Why do my trousers smell of parsnips when my jacket smells like broccoli?'

Last but not least, there's the Staff Room Clock which is proof that nobody likes school, not even the people who say you should like it - teachers!