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Beano Superstars: Vicky Makepeace!

Meet Minnie's mum!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  April 4th 2023
Vicky Makepeace

I’m Vicky Makepeace and I’m the proud mum of Hermione. You’ll know her better as Minnie the Minx!

My husband Darren is a Harry Potter fan, so you can guess who suggested the name Hermione. Despite appearances, he’s very patient and is always on hand to fix any breakages or deal with complaints from the neighbours. As long as he can have the occasional cup of tea and five minutes’ peace and quiet so he can read his Dad Monthly magazine, he’s happy.  

Together, we have six children. There’s Hermione, obviously, and five sons: Michael, Martin, Mark, Morris and Max. They’re all grown up now and have moved out, so it’s just us three at number 54. We also have a cat called Chester, which as far as I know, isn't named after a Harry Potter character.

I’m also Sandra Menace’s sister, which makes me Dennis and Bea’s aunty. You could say that mischief runs in the family. I’m very close to Sandra and we get on extremely well. But even though we’re sisters and best friends, I have no idea what she gets up to half the time. She’s quite mysterious sometimes, but I do know she works for Beanotown’s mayor, Wilbur Brown and has a fabulous collection of paintings. I’ve no idea how she managed to collect such amazing, rare and valuable paintings. 

I know my daughter has a reputation for someone who loves getting into mischief, but she’s very strong-willed and, well, I think she’s just living her best life. She’s a rule breaker and I’m all for it, just as long as she tidies her room once in a while and doesn’t prank me too much.

There’s never a dull moment when you have a daughter like Minnie!

Vicky Makepeace Fact File

Name: Vicky Makepeace



Best friend: Her sister, Sandra Menace!

Worst enemy: 

Prized possessions:


Super skill:

Family: Her husband Darren, her sons Michael, Martin, Mark, Morris and Max, her daughter Minnie, and Chester the Cat

Address: 54 Gasworks Road