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Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 19th 2016


Ant racing,

In miniature cars,

Through a house.

They're off,

And their racing on the kitchen table

Through the spoons and right round the ladle

Watch the pepper pot

Mind the salt

The broken toaster is a thousand volts yeah

Olive oil slick

Slippery tyres

Jump the gas hob

Feel the fire

Bounce on a bread loaf

Grate the cheese

Evade the avalanche of frozen peas

It's ant racing

In miniature cars

Through a house

Now we're in a bathroom

Bursting bubbles

Don't fall in the bath or you're in deep trouble

Ride on a sponge raft

Or a rubber duck

The plughole whirlpool sucks good luck!

In the bedroom

You can ride a toy track

There's a pet cat

Maybe just avoid that

Jump off the homework

Take a chance

And hope you land first in the underpants




And you're the winner,

Of ant racing

In miniature cars,

Through a house