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Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  April 1st 2017


Don’t let it go

Don’t let things go

Or you’ll have no friends left…

These hands I have, have a life of their own

In this palace I must stay

Every job I’ve ever had,

I got fired, the next day

I can’t help it, there’s a voice inside me

It tells me to let things go

I’ve hurt so many people,

But I still can’t just say no

When I’m helping a neighbour carry a piano up some stairs but then the voice in my head is like


Like when I just got some expensive wool carpet to go on my slippery ice floor and then decided to experiment juggling balloons filled with paint


When my boyfriend is freezing to death after our ship sank and I could let him on my raft but instead I just…

When my sister is passing me her new-born baby and I do genuinely want her to be able to trust me and I’m sweating and…

Let things go!

Let this go!

And this, and this, and this!

Let them go!

Let it show

That I’m a twisted, psychotic princess

I built this place

Then slipped and fell

My head says no

But my heart says,

Let go…