Beanotown Confidential: Minnie the Minx's Room

Ever wondered what makes a minx tick?

For all your minxing needs!

Check out Minnie's Minx HQ - where she restocks her ammo and plans her next move! No girly-girl stuff allowed here, Minxing is serious business.

Getting messy?

Whether it's recovering from a muddy puddle, disguising a pal, or just avoiding doing laundry, a minx has to have some spare outfits.

A minx has to have some spare outfits.

And it's a GOOOALL!

You've got to have goals if you want to achieve something. Here, we see Minnie's lengthy list of targets, and how she charts her most effective schemes!

A minx has to have goals if they want to achieve something

Last but not least...

A Minx has to have a stash where she can restock her slingshot, and rest in between long, hard days of minxing!

Refill the stash, or grab some sly sleep?

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