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Best April Fools Pranks to Do at Home

Turn your Uncle into a hamster or have a hot gravy shower? Check out these epic April Fool's day pranks!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  April 5th 2022

Looking for April Fool's Day pranks to do at home? No problem! Here are 5 super easy pranks you can play on your family, with just a few simple bits and bobs from around the house.

By the way... make sure you check with an adult before you do these. Some of them can get really messy!

1. Meet Your New Auntie

Find a picture of a family member, and very carefully remove it from the frame. Replace it with a drawing, or a funny picture you've found somewhere. Now hide it back where it was and see how long it takes them to notice! Remember - keep the real picture safe and don't damage it! You'll need to put it back when they realise Auntie Janet is a beaver now!

2. The Gravy Shower

Sneak into the bathroom, and carefully unscrew the head from your shower. Now take a handful of stock cubes or gravy granules and pack them inside the head. Screw it back together and wait...the next person to wash their hair will get a delicious, meaty surprise! Mmmmm. And don't worry, you can just run the shower for a while to clear it all out once you're done pranking!

3. The Mega-Annoying Glass Half-Full Trick

This one is a little fiddly, but guaranteed to really wind someone up if you do it properly. Oh, and keep a towel nearby in case it backfires! First, take a glass of water and put a flat piece of thin card over the top. 

Hold the card down tight over the top of the glass, and flip the whole thing upside down and onto a table. The glass needs to be upside down on top of the card. 

Now slide the card out from under the glass and... hey presto! You have an upside down glass of water!

Finally, leave a note and run away! This is literally impossible to clean up without making a mess!  

4. The Un-Soapable Soap

This is a CLASSIC prank. Get a bar of soap and completely cover it in clear nail varnish. No matter how hard someone scrubs, it never foams up! For full step-by-step instructions, click here. You can also do it with a pencil! Grrrrr!

5. The Un-Mouseable Mouse

Is someone in your family working from home? Wait til they're not looking and tape a daft picture or silly message onto the bottom of their computer's mouse. Brooooooaaagghh!