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Best Ever Swimming Pool Games

Bored of just paddling about in the pool? Try these awesome pool games to liven up summer!

It’s the summer holidays and it’s swimming pool season, woohoo! 

But lets face it, after a few hours of just floating around or swimming lengths, things can get pretty boring. But never fear, here are five pool-based games for you to try! 

All you’ll need is a few friends, some pool noodles, ping pong balls, and your favourite pool floats. Oh, and a swimming pool too, of course. That’s pretty much essential. 

You’ll find out a way to use pool noodles for target practice, what the rules of Marco Polo and Shark tag are, and also who wins in our pool float race towards the end if the video. Happy swimming

But before you dive in, let’s look at a few ways NOT to do the pool…

Float on

Pool floats might look nice but just because it looks cool, that doesn’t mean it will actually work!

Swimming pool float

Get some sleep

Swimming can be pretty tiring so get some kip or else you’ll only be able to doggy paddle.

Puppy in pool

Invite your friends and dive in!

Pools are cool but they’re so much more fun with pals! Just make sure they’ve been checked for fleas first. You don’t want to get itchy!

Dogs in swimming pool