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Best Judo Quiz

Test your Judo trivia in this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Best Judo Quiz

1/8 Two women practising judo

Where does Judo come from?

2/8 Person wearing judo uniform

When was Judo invented?

3/8 Man in judo uniform

What does 'Judo' mean? 

4/8 Man in judo uniform

When was Judo first included in the Olympic games?

5/8 Man in judo uniform

Which of these are banned in Judo?

6/8 People in judo uniforms

What's the highest rank in Judo?

7/8 Two children practising Judo

True or false: More people practise Judo in France than in Japan?

8/8 Two men practising Judo

Which of these statements is true?

Awesome result

Woah, you're a Judo expert! Well done. Make sure you use your Judo skills for good, not evil

Well done result

Nice, Judo must be your favourite sport, you know a lot about it!

Try again result

Hmm, well you know a little bit about Judo, but you could always take the quiz again and learn more!

Oh no result

Oh no! You don't know much about Judo at all - maybe you're thinking of Cludeo, the murder mystery boardgame? Easy mistake.