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7 Best Spooky Games To Play at Home This Halloween!

Here's your guide to having fun this Halloween in the comfort of your own home!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 15th 2023

With a little planning for Halloween, you can have loads of fun at home. 'How?' we hear you say? Here's how, we reply via typed words.

1. Halloween Donut Eating Race

Everyone loves a donut, but adding a competitive edge makes them even tastier. Dangle some of these ringed treats from the ceiling and try and bite them with all the skill of Dracula!

2. Spooky Bingo

Bingo, on its own, isn't that frightening. But with the right lighting and a ghost-like voice calling out the numbers, the pensioners' idea of gaming takes on a spooky new meaning. House? Haunted house, more like.

Spooky bingo

3. Halloween Trivia Quizathon

What's better than a quiz? A spooky quiz, that's what. 

4. Ghost Story Competition

Grab a torch and instantly transform any story into the creepiest Halloween tale ever! Even The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Remember to the turn the other lights or it will lose impact.

Spooky story

5. Pin The Spider on the Web

It's similar to the pin the tail on the donkey, without the tail or the donkey. And much scarier!

Spider and web

6. Dress the Mummy

Do you have loads of clean bandages lying around the house for some reason? See how fast you can wrap a grown up! The winner gets to eat the mummy's Halloween sweets because they won't be able to move very quickly. If you don't have bandages, clean toilet roll will work just as well!

A mummy

7. Pop the Spooky Balloon!

This one's pretty simple and lots of fun to play. Simply blow up lots of pumpkin-coloured – or 'orange' – balloons and put a small piece of paper into one of them. The winner who pops that balloon wins a prize. The prize is up to you!