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51 Question Halloween Trivia Quiz That’s Super Spooky!

Do you think you can master this spooktacular Halloween trivia quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2023

Along with all the dressing up, trick or treating and trying to bite a floating apple, we love all things spooky – especially when it comes to Halloween facts and trivia! How much do you know about the spookiest date on the calendar? Test your knowledge with this epic, gently horrifying Halloween online quiz!

It’s getting darker earlier, there’s a chill in the air and the leaves are turning brown. That can mean only one thing. Halloween is on its way! It's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you love ghosts, pumpkins and things that go bump in the night. 

We can’t think of a better time of year than Halloween for dressing up as a werewolf or a ghost, and what’s even better is that your neighbours give you handfuls of sweets! Or if the weather’s rubbish, you can always watch a film, make creepy crafts and eat tasty snacks. You can always play Halloween pranks! How brilliant is that?

For fans of Halloween, the month of October is spent counting down the days until the 31st like some sort of pumpkin-shaped advent calendar. Then it’s all fun and scary games for one night only! Halloween is basically an excuse for monster-sized mischief and we are most certainly here for it.

As the unofficial home of Halloween we've got quizzes, videos, crafts, costumes and jokes. Miss out at your peril!

1/51 A witch casting a spell

What is a collection of witches called?

2/51 Dracula

What the original name of Dracula in Bram Stoker's book of the same name?

3/51 A dog enjoying some Halloween lights

Who celebrated Halloween first?

4/51 A cat being petted

Which colour cat is associated with Halloween?

5/51 A werewolf and a moon howling back

Werewolves are also called...

6/51 Ghostbusters emoji

In which city was the original Ghostbusters film based?

7/51 Toto from the Wizard of Oz

What's the name of the witch in The Wizard of Oz?

8/51 A pumpkin and a dog

There’s a rock band called Smashing Pumpkins. True or false?

9/51 Frankenstein's monster near a graveyard

What does RIP stand for?

10/51 A cat in a vampire cape

Which of the following animals does Dracula not normally turn into?

11/51 Candy corn

How many pounds of candy corn are made each year for Halloween?

12/51 Jack Skellington's dog
The Nightmare Before Christmas | Walt Disney | Tim Burton, Denise Di Novi | Henry Selick

Who's this character from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

13/51 A big pair of clown shoes

What is a fear of clowns called?

14/51 A person hiding behind a cushion

When is Halloween thought to have originated?

15/51 A police officer holding a notepad

What item is banned in California on Halloween?

16/51 A witch manual

A book on how to hunt witches was published in 1487. What was it called?

17/51 A sugar skull and a black cat

What's the name of the town where Coco is set?

18/51 A vampire recoiling from a juicy steak

What are vampires scared of?

19/51 A green slime character

What was the name of the green monster in Ghostbusters?

20/51 A witch offering an apple

What does the word 'witch' mean?

21/51 A full moon with a cheeky face

When is the next Halloween which will be bathed in the glow of a full moon?

22/51 A man holding a pumpkin

What do the residents of New England call the night BEFORE Halloween?


What day of the year is Halloween?


Where does Halloween come from?


In some places, Halloween is called "All Saint's Eve". True or false?


What fruit do you "bob" for?

27/51 Evil Halloween pumpkin

Which of these ISN'T a traditional Halloween decoration?


What kind of Halloween monster has something to do with "ectoplasm"?

29/51 US police officer and Frankenstein's Monster

Who was Frankenstein?

30/51 Spooky pumpkins

Where does Halloween come from?


31/51 Before people used pumpkins, what were Jack O' Lanterns made out of?


Pumpkins come in lots of different colours, but which one of these is made up?


Where is Transylvania?

34/51 A man watching a scary movie

What do you call a fear of Halloween?


What was the name of the wolf creature who lived with Norse gods?

36/51 Moons

When do werewolves transform themselves?

37/51 A coffin

Victorians were big fans of spooky things, but why did they put bells in their coffins?


What's the name of the vampire in Sesame Street?

39/51 A man in a mummy costume

What do Mummies smell like?


What do you call a ghost that moves things around your house?

41/51 A mummy at the disco

What are mummies wrapped up in?

NBC News

How heavy was the world's largest pumpkin?


Which of these ghost stories from around the world is made-up?


44/51 Which date does World Zombie Day take place?


What brought Frankenstein's monster to life?

46/51 A dog celebrating Halloween with a selection of pumpkins

Are pumpkins fruits or vegetables?


Which famous Prince was Dracula based on?


In which European country is Halloween said to have started?

49/51 Three people watching a scary movie

Which of these Halloween movies is made up?


Which of these bready things is more likely to scare a Vampire?


Which one of these is another name for a Yeti?

Erm... you got a few questions wrong there. Did you think this was a Christmas quiz?

Getting there! Missed a few though... have another go?

You know loads about Halloween!

Amazing! You're a Halloween expert!