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What Halloween Costume Should I Wear? Quiz

Stuck asking yourself the question "What should i wear for Halloween?" Take this quiz and we'll tell you what you should dress up as for Halloween based on your personality!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 11th 2022

The spookiest day of the year is on the way โ€“ย but how ready are you?

If you're finding yourself asking the big question, 'What should I wear for Halloween?' or simply want to find which Halloween costume matches your personality, then you've come to the right place.

This quiz will help you pick out that all important Halloween costume. Simply answer the 15 questions and let out our spooky computers do the rest!

When you're done picking out a costume, give our Halloween homepage a visit for more Halloween quizzes, jokes, Halloween costume ideas, crafts and tips. It's spooktacular!

1/15 A man in a mummy costume

How long does it take you to get ready for a Halloween party?

2/15 Haunted house

How likely are you to knock on the door of a clearly haunted house for some trick or treating?

3/15 A witch

If you bumped into a witch, what spell would you ask them to cast?

4/15 A cat in a vampire cape

When you wear a fancy dress costume, how do you act?

5/15 A cat and a ghost

Could you be friends with a ghost?

6/15 A bulldog looking sad at Halloween

What's your favourite animal?

7/15 A man watching a scary movie

Which of these scares you the most?


8/15 Pick a facepaint colour!

9/15 A woman pointing at a rubber chicken in front of a colour chart

What's your favourite colour?

10/15 Pirate

How do you want to look?

11/15 A dog enjoying some Halloween lights

Pick a Halloween accessory!

12/15 A scary Halloween pumpkin

What's your favourite thing about Halloween?

13/15 Horrific Halloween hot dogs

What's your favourite Halloween treat?

14/15 Gross Jokes

What do you think is the most gross?


15/15 Pick a cute Halloween dog

Zombie costume idea


You're going for a scary vibe and want to make yourself look super freaky! Try cutting up some old shirts and trousers and you'll look the part in no time!

Pumpkin costume idea


You're going to look so great in this costume, you're friends will be jealous! You can choose whether to make it look funny or scary - so you can be creative!

Cat costume idea


This Halloween you should dress up as a cat! You could wear leopard print or all black and make some cat ears. It's a super easy and fun look!

Skeleton costume idea


With this costume you'll get to paint your whole face and look super spooky! Your friends will find it hard to recognise you. Try watching a YouTube tutorial to get it just right!