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BGT Champions Quiz.

Find out your hidden talent with our BGT Champions Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021
Britain's Got Talent | Syco Entertainment | ITV via Giphy

Hey! You've heard about the open auditions, right?


You're at a show. What's your interval snack?


What music's playing on your phone?


What's your favourite subject when you're not performing?

Britain's Got Talent | Syco Entertainment | ITV via Giphy

Uh oh! You're in trouble. What's the most likely crime?


Choose your favourite bird from this list:


Let's play word association. I say “Fame" you think:

Britain's Got Talent | Syco Entertainment | ITV via Giphy

I'm afraid it’s a no from me…

You're a Ventriloquist

You’re a ventriloquist. So what if you’re a little shy. There’s nothing wrong with letting your friends have the limelight. Especially if you get to put the words into their mouths!

You're a Magician

You're a magician. Dedicated and hardworking, you know that nothing is perfect without practice. It doesn’t matter the challenge, so whether it's making a rabbit, an assistant, or your friend worries disappear, you’ve got this. 

You're a Singer.

Kind and Caring, you can’t just sing the words, you have to feel them. All that emotion.. I’ve got some dust in my eye.

You're a Dancer.

Energetic and sporty, so what if you can’t keep still. If there’s music you’re happy. And if you’re happy, the audience is happy too. Encore!