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20 Big Bang Theory Jokes To Make You Explode With Laughter!

These scientifically-accurate Big Bang Theory jokes are sure to have you saying, "Bazinga!"

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 29th 2024

What's funnier than an episode of The Big Bang Theory? Jokes about the The Big Bang Theory, of course! We've gathered some of the best ba-zingers around, and they're guaranteed to make you giggle! And if you need more nerdy jokes, we can help! Here are some gags about physics, engineering, and the periodic table!

Who is Sheldon’s favourite detective?

Sherlock Ohms!

What will Leonard and Sheldon have after they die?

The Tomb-mate Agreement!

What is relativity?

When the Big Bang Theory gang’s family come to visit!

What do you call a great underwear-themed joke by Sheldon?

A bra-zinger!

What is Howard’s favourite meal?

Qu'est-ce Que Supper!

Why does Howard hate his allergy so much?

It drives him nutty!

Why is Sheldon so bad at pressing clothes?

He doesn’t understand irony!

Why is Sheldon so possessive of his recliner?

Because they go way back!

Where does Raj park at the superstore?

In a hyperspace!

What did Sheldon say before getting into a fight?

“Let me atom!”

How do the gang organise a successful space-themed party?

They planet!

What is Howard’s best magnet-themed chat-up line?

“Seeing you from the back I thought you were repulsive. But from the front, you’re actually very attractive!”

What did Sheldon say to Amy?

“I’ve got my ion you!”

What kind of books does Leonard find it hard to get through?


What kind of dog should the gang get?

A laboratory retriever!

Raj has a new theory on inertia…

but it doesn’t seem to be gaining any momentum!

Why doesn’t Sheldon trust atoms?

They make up everything!

Why do Sheldon, Howard, Leonard and Raj have such a small garage?

Because they’re quantum mechanics!

What is the gang’s favourite food?

Fission chips!

What did Howard wear to impress Bernadette?

Designer genes!