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Don't Draw A Blank On This Epic Blankety Blank Quiz!

The hit gameshow is back on TV! Take this quiz and find out if you're a Blankety Blank boffin! But watch out - this quiz is harder than it seems!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 5th 2022

It's a British gameshow classic, and it's back on TV after a long break! If you're a fan of the show then tune in to this epic telly quiz and find out hw much you really know about Blankety Blank! And to make it harder we're not just talking about the new version - you'll also need to get a grip of Blankety Blank's long history to get full marks on this ridiculius quiz!

Ready to get guessing? Let's go!


When was the first episode of Blankety Blank on TV?


Blankety Blank was hosted at first by Terry Wogan. What HUGE event was Wogan famous for commentating?

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What do contestants have to do?


Blankety Blank was made by... who?


How many contestants are there?


What was the name of the Drag Queen who presented Blankety Blank in the early 2000s?


Which of these people has NOT appeared on Blankety Blank?

8/10 A family watching lettuce on the TV

Who hosts the 2022 series?


The prizes on Blankety Blank are... what?


How does the theme tune go?

Eeeek! Not the best score we've ever seen, let's be honest. You had a good go though, and that's all that matters. Do you fancy tryng again and seeing if you can score a bit higher? Or maybe just start again in a new TV quiz... we have plenty more!

Very nice! You clearly know your stuff - although a few right answers did manage to slip past you. Fancy having another go and seeing where you went wrong? If not we have loads of other great TV quizzes for you to try!

Very nicely done! Someone know a LOT about Blankety Blank! Good work! You didn't quite get full marks on this one, but great work regardless. If you'd like to try and beat this score on another TV quiz, we have plenty more here this one came from!

Wahoo! High score! Now this is a good result! You really know your Blankety Blank facts - well done! You can't improve on this score, but if you fancied seeing if you could match it on another TV quiz we have plenty more for you to try!