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Have A Go At This Happy Little Bob Ross Quiz!

Test your knowledge of this legendary painter and TV show host with this epic Bob Ross trivia quiz! Happy accidents are welcome!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 22nd 2023

Are you a fan of happy little trees and fluffy clouds? Yes? Then get your paintrbushes at the ready because you've stumbled across our Bob Ross Trivia Quiz! With his calm and soothing voice, love of nature and amazing painting skills, Bob Ross' show is a much loved TV classic. So, let's see if you can do Bob proud by getting a high score on this fun and factual TV quiz!

Think you're ready? Let's go!


What's the name of Bob Ross's TV show?


Bob Ross had naturally curly hair. True or false?

3/10 Paint pots

Which of these was Bob Ross's catchphrase?


What kind of animal did Bob famously keep as pets?


What job did Bob Ross have before he started his painting show?

6/10 A tank and a shark

If you said Army - you were right! What did he do in the Army?


There are no mistakes.


What kind of painting did Bob do?


How many episodes of The Joy Of Painting were there?


Which of these was a name of one of Bob's pet squirrels?

The Joy of Painting | BRI Productions | PBS

Don't worry! You didn't do badly on this quiz... you just made a lot of happy little accidents! Nice work. If you want to have another go and see if you can score higher (err.... make LESS happy accidents) then just try this quiz again! Or have a go at one of our other tv show quizzes!

The Joy of Painting | BRI Productions | PBS

Nicely done! You really know a thing or two about Bob Ross! Now, because this is a quiz about Bob Ross there's no such thing as a bad score - but you did miss out on one or two right answers. Do you fancy having another go? No worries if not - there's are lots more quizzes where this one came from!

The Joy of Painting | BRI Productions | PBS

Wahooo! Well this score is very happy. And fluffy! This is a really good score- so you clearly know your stuff! Well done! You didn't quite get 100%, but no worries - you can always try a different quiz and see if you can beat this score!

The Joy of Painting | BRI Productions | PBS

Amazing! You passed this quiz with flying colours - and not an accident in sight, happy or otherwise! That's right, you got the perfect score! Very impressive! Now you can't improve on this score, but do you fancy seeing if you can match it on a different TV show quiz? Go on!