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This Bollywood Movie Emoji Quiz Will Put A Smiley On Your Face!

Are you a real Bollywood movie buff? And are you an emoji expert? You'll need to be both if you want to score 10/10 on this cryptic picture quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 20th 2022

Bollywood is all about dancing, fashion, style... and working out tricky clues from emojis! Well, not really the last one... but being able to think laterally and work out what Bollywood film we're hinting at is an essential skill when it comes to this Bollywood Movie Emoji quiz! So, can you correctly spot the movies hidden in these emoji clues?

There's only one way to find out - quiz!


What Bollywood movie would these emojis be spelling out?


Any guesses what this could be?


Next up... any ideas?


Hmmm. What might this be?


Name that Bollywood movie!


Next up... it's THIS one!


Intriguing... what might this one be?


What Bollywood movie could this be?


Next up!


Last one! Can you crack the clues?

Bah! Never mind - this Bollywood emoji quiz was really hard! Have another go and see if you can score a little higher? We're sure you can now you've had a bit of practise! If not there are plenty more movie quizzes to choose from!

Pretty decent! You clearly know a few things about Bollywood movies! You still have some way to go though before you're an emoji expert... so have another go and see how you do next time?

Great! Really nice job! You know loads about Bollywood AND emojis! You didn't quite get full marks though - do you fancy going back over this quiz and seeing where you went wrong? Otherwise - take a look at some of our other movie quizzes!

Amazing! You really nailed this quiz! 10/10! Peeeerfect! You know loads about Bollywood AND emojis! A rare mix! Great work - now, can you get a high score on another movie quiz?